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Water Works
To supply industrial and drinking water to the residents of DPL township, the company maintains its captive water storage facility. It has its own water treatment plant. While water pumping capacity remains at 35 million gallon per day (MGD), the water treatment capacity has been augmented by 6 MGD to 41 MGD.

Water Works

Description Treatment Systems Total
1st Phase 2nd Phase
Pumping Capacity (MGD) 35 - 35
Treatment Capacity (MGD) 35 6 41
Type of Treatment Clariflocculator, filter & chlorinator Clariflocculator, filter & chlorinator
Chemicals for Treatment Ferric Alum, Lime & Chlorine Ferric Alum, Lime & Chlorine
Distribution Network Overhead Tank, Pumping Station & Piping Overhead Tank, Pumping Station & Piping