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News & Updates
Status of IPDS
Status of Integrated Power Development Scheme (IPDS)
The Durgapur Projects Limited
Strengthening of Sub-Transmission and Distribution System
Durgapur, West Bengal
Project Cost and Grant Details
Sanctioned DPR Amount
58.26 Cr
Govt. of India (GOI) Grant
34.96 Cr
Govt. of India grant for Project Management Agency
0.29 Cr
Total GOI Grant
35.25 Cr
Amount Received From GOI Till now
3.525 Cr
Amount Received From State Govt.(West Bengal) Till now
1.46 Cr
Key Jobs and Dates
Key Jobs
Construction of 3 Nos. 33/11 KV Sub-Station and its corresponding 33 KV lines, Strengthening of 11 KV network, Strengthening LT network, Roof Top Solar plant, DTR metering, Feeder metering, New DTRs, Undergrounding of LT system, etc.
Date of Sanction Letter
Project Completion Date
Job Wise Status of the Project
Description of Job
Present Status
11KV and LT network and its associated jobs.( New & augmentation 11 KV lines,  New & augmentation LT  lines, 120 Nos. Pole mounted substation, capacity enhancement of 28 Nos. Pole mounted substation, conversion of OH LT lines to underground, single phase meter replacement, etc.)
As per guideline of Dept. Of Power & NES, Govt of West Bengal tender has been floated jointly with WBSEDCL
33 KV network and 33/11 KV Substations and its associated jobs. (3 Nos 33/11 KV substations and its corresponding 33 KV lines.)
LOI issued to M/S Sterling & Wilson Pvt. Ltd. (2 Nos. Substation in DPL’s land. Approval of BOD of ADDA regarding Land for one no. substation at city centre area has been given, possession yet to be obtained from ADDA.)
Roof top Solar plants
As per guideline of Dept. Of Power & NES, Govt of West Bengal tender had been floated jointly with WBSEDCL. Due to lower no. Of bidders fresh tender will be floated jointly with WBSEDCL.
Other Jobs not included in NIT3 & NIT4 (i.e Bay extensions, Meter procurement and installation, R&M of Sub-Stations, additional 33/11 KV transformer etc.
Estimate has been prepared and sent to WBSEDCL for decision. Decision regarding tendering jointly is pending.